Verizon High Speed Internet (DSL)

Hmmm, I finally heaved a sigh relief when I got on another internet provider-Cablevision Optimum. Initially, it was Verizon. Their offers always irressistably mouth watering with plenty of promises and usually cheaper than the rest.

As hard as I tried to chose the right network on arriving the States from UK, I fell for Verizon's sugarcoated and persuasive advertisement when they promised $19.99 per month for their fast DSL internet connection. On top of that I added a landline package which brought my bill to a reasonable amount compared to their competitor. But after I was sent the DSL, I had problem getting it started. As hard as I tried, I could not. I had setup internet connections in the past in Europe on different occasions but this was not to be. They promised to get a technician to my house which they did. The technician passed a verdict that the DSL box was faulty and so they had to send me a new one.

However as simple as this sound, it was a herculean task getting Verizon on the phone. On average you could be on the phone for more than 1hour if not more. Besides that, the different agents you will have to speak to on different ocassions sing different tunes and get you more confused. After the new box was brought and  land phones were ready, I could not still get on verizon network and my landline was not working. They kept shifting my service commencement date for almost 4 weeks that I had to say goodbye when I realised the game could go on for as long as it takes.

I was in Manhattan New York,  on  August 10, 2011, when I saw some of Verizon workers protesting on the street and they handed me a flyer to "take a stand against corporate greed" accussing their charman of making upto $55,000 a day! They accused the company of making record profit while the workers are neglected. Whatever the cause of this workers' uprising is not my business but I remember a colleague at work also described Verizon as " hustlers" when I narrated my experience to him. He actaully introduced me to Cablevision and to their credit have been excellent.

I now perfectly understand my nasty experience in the hand of Verizon if I put together the workers discontent and my colleague's undisputed adjective.


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