Basic Online Safety

We do practically everything these days online, from shopping to babysitting. How safe are we ? Or do we really care less about needed precautions or simply assume whatever omen internet may bring would always happen to the other guy, our distant or near neighbors, someone in La La Land but not us.

How wrong are we. Internet safety is everybody's business from the large retailers to every household. I constantly receive emails in my private inbox from my banks notifying me on how to avoid phishing which are emails purporting to be from them but are spoofs or clones trying to gain access to my personal information like passwords and credit card numbers. A friend once had to shutdown his Facebook account when it was hacked into and sexually explicit materials were there for all to see. The Lord save you if you click on his page!

These are some of our everyday life being affected by our daily presence online. To safeguard against this unwanted intrusion and headaches we need to cultivate healthy online habits. Being safe online does not necessarily mean we can avoid all harm but it will go along way to protect against the common ones.

Do not click on it if you ain't trust it. Not sure? Delete it or ask someone who knows.
Change your passwords. Experts recommend between 30 and 180 days
Public WiFi, it is being called public for a reason. Your activities are there for all to see. If I have to access personal information in public places with public WiFi, I personally disable the WiFi settings and use my mobile data.

Be Clickieware


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