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Otelo's Verdict

Hi everyone,

It is very encouraging when you see a system that works. The Office of the Telecommunication Ombudsman (Otelo) recently proved this to me by making Lycamobile, one of the various telecommunication companies in the United Kingdom to pay for their mistake.

After purchasing a credit voucher of £5.00 on Lycamobile's website, a thing I often do, a message cameup informing me of "failed transaction". On checking my bank statement, I realised Lycamobile had been credited with the money but without the product. I called the company's attention to this, and in fairness to them, they profusedly apologised and promised to resolved the matter in no time. Days rolled into months and yet, I had not received the voucher but each time I called Lycamobile, they kept apologising.

I resolved to report to Otelo, who found in my favour and ordered Lycamobile to credit me with £20.00 and a letter of apology. I got the £20.00 but not the letter but was no longer in the UK to r…