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Verizon High Speed Internet (DSL)

Hmmm, I finally heaved a sigh relief when I got on another internet provider-Cablevision Optimum. Initially, it was Verizon. Their offers always irressistably mouth watering with plenty of promises and usually cheaper than the rest.

As hard as I tried to chose the right network on arriving the States from UK, I fell for Verizon's sugarcoated and persuasive advertisement when they promised $19.99 per month for their fast DSL internet connection. On top of that I added a landline package which brought my bill to a reasonable amount compared to their competitor. But after I was sent the DSL, I had problem getting it started. As hard as I tried, I could not. I had setup internet connections in the past in Europe on different occasions but this was not to be. They promised to get a technician to my house which they did. The technician passed a verdict that the DSL box was faulty and so they had to send me a new one.

However as simple as this sound, it was a herculean task getting Veriz…