Workplace Selfies

Selfies are now so popular (even presidents and the Pope are fans) that in some countries like Russia there is legislation governing selfie taking.  Selfies also seem to have crept into the workplace and can be quite obstructive affecting how employees carry out their duties.
As good as selfies are at staff parties, meetings or boot camps, there is also the dark side of work place selfies.  Cases abound of employees taking selfies with clients’ details which are highly confidential clearly displayed in the background.  There are also cases of medical personnel taking pics of patients during surgery or under anesthesia (and heavens help you if you are a celebrity #Joan Rivers).

This clearly draws an awkward line for employers in terms of policies put in place on paper but doing nothing to deter employees form violating them. Also the cost to the business in terms of “employer time” taken to strike the right pose for the perfect selfies (which is often a loooooong time!!! Very busy doing nothing!!!)

Yea right! Posing the “duck face” in the work place is not totally wrong or without its advantages to the employers. When and if well executed by the organization it can be a useful tool to bond with employees and also give customers a glimpse of the amazing human resource deployed to provide solutions to their needs.

So selfie safely and selfie smart!

Remember Dare to Be Clickieware!


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